Water Treatment & Purification



is a very precious and life giving resource, without it, nothing can exist. We are entering an age where our water is becoming scarce, highly polluted and also costly. We have the answers. Absolute Industries is a supplier of top quality, reliable and affordable water purification and treatment solutions. All our solutions can be customised to suit your requirements whether it is for domestic, medical, industrial or commercial uses. Our products include Reverse Osmosis and Ultra Filtration, Water Softening, Water Conditioning and Waste Water Treatment.

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We are also able to customise a solution to purify and treat any water, wheather it be from a mine or an abattoir. The technology we have is world class and highly effective and efficient.

We are very proud to be a preferred distributor and installer for BIOBOX the manufacturer of the BIOROCK waste water treatment plant, the only sewage treatment plant that requires no electricity for the process of sewage treatment. It is low maintence, easily installed and totally environmentally friendly. Larger Waste Water Treatment Plants are available and are customisable to suit the specific requirements of our clients. From domestic through to municipal size units. Our partners and technology are world class and highly accredited.

Biorock STP

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